BIG news. that’s all.

Pretty exciting right?

With the holidays quickly approaching, I doubt it will be open before springtime but, I am excited. I am taking over my best friends studio space, you know – that lovely photographer Kim Flores I tell ya about? Well, thank GOD she needs a bigger space because now, she is handing hers down to me. Waaa-hoooo.

For now, this will be the cupcakeMAG headquarters. YAY for decorating. I plan to use the space for our photoshoots, office biz, seeign styling clients, etc. It’s going to be pretty amazing. And I can’t wait to move in on December 1st.

As for the store, we plan to sell trendy and fun woman’s clothing and the toppings {accessories} to go with them. It will have a shopping in someones closet feel. And I want it to look a little bit like the old boutique in Georgetown I used to manage, Sugar.

I plan to support local artisans and handmade designers too by selling lots of pretties. Think Etsy. Oh yes, I can’t wait. 


New Baby, New Blog.

I know. I am cray cray. Starting a blog on top of my oh-so-busy schedule. For those that follow me on cupcakeMAG, Babble, Disney Baby, etc. etc. — you were probably shocked. But hey – I figured, new baby – new blog! So here I am.

However, this oh-so-seriously-genric wordpress theme is just not working out. That said, the lovely Jackie Ayres of Jackie’s Design Studio is re-vampin’ my site and well – I. Can’t. Wait! It’s going to look a little something like this:

Can we say love? 

Grayson is ONE month

Baby Gray is one month today.Okay, that totally rhymed and I didn’t mean it too. He is still uber-tiny weighing in at 6lbs 6oz. and little man has seen 2 specialist and his ped {3 TIMES!} all in one week but, I am happy we’ve made one month with only a few small preemie issues. Acid reflux is starting to get under control. As well as his yeast infection, due to his low immune system, and his weight gain issue. He is only one 2 meds now so — YAY for us. It’s seriously hard to believe he is already one month old. And now I will blow-up your screen with his sweet face. Oh, and those baby blues.





halloween chaos

photos made possible thanks to my iPhone 

sadie was on a mission. she had trick or treating down for a little person. as you can see, she was the cute little pink elephant. of course we had to put a first halloween bib on grayson. our little monkey. aunt katie + nane hung out with him at my grandmothers while we scoured candy. zoe + m said the little littles were way to slow for them but kennadi was all business + she wasn’t missing a house. can’t get anything by foofa. of course, she was the one that would fall asleep next to her candy.

Goodbye Being Pregnant, Hello Disney Baby!

It’s a bittersweet moment right now. After 230 posts and 8 months, I am sad to say I just wrote my last post for Babble’s Being Pregnant. And yes, my husband just asked if I was crying as I typed this. Happy to NOT be pregnant though. I can tell ya that much!

It went like this:

It feels like yesterday I was writing the first oneAnd it was life changing. Okay – maybe it won’t be my last last one since I do still work for Babble and might pop in here and  there for different things. So, I guess I should say my last regular post. I am not a big fan of change. I am not going to lie. But, I am super-excited to continue my journey over on Disney Baby. Yes, the lovely, inspiring, heartfelt and fun site that is full of helpful parenting tools, inspired ideas, mom-tested tips and well, of course I will countinue writing personal post as well.


While I am exicted for what lies ahead, I can’t stop thinking of the amazing friendships I’ve made along the way, my new Babble family {aka: all of the Babble team!} that I love and hold close to my heart, and all of my wonderful babblers who road along with me on my high-risk pregnancy journey and read my never-ending posts on Being Pregnant. It’s been one of the best experiences of my lifetime. The support is something that helped get me through those very rough months and it has been such a joy writing each and every single post. I really am going to miss it.


As of tomorrow you can follow me over on Disney Baby here to keep up with Grayson as well as all of my posts. As they say – when one door closes, the other one opens. I am thrilled to see what the new experience will bring! I hope you follow along. Pretty please? Don’t make me beg! 

Okay, wiping tears now.

Image: McKenzie Smith

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I know, it’s alot.