yep, I’m writting for Disney Baby!


In case you missed my other big news this week, I’m now writing for Disney Baby! Super-exciting. Disney + Babble are just so amazing + I love every minute of being able to write for such an amazing company.

A sneak at some of my post over there this week: 

10 Oh-So-Cute Felt Headbands for Fall 

Introducing Moi! {psstt….cute pics of my littles!}

8 Shared Spaces You’ll Be Smitten Over {disclaimer: major eye candy!}

I can’t thank you all for your never-ending support when it comes to reading everything I write. You all rock! 


Well, Hello Pretty!

hi, it’s me. cupcake. you all may know me as the editor | founder | stylist for cupcakeMAG, contributor to The Party Dress, Spearmint Baby, Spearmint Decor and writer for the amazing Babble. And now — I am writing on their newest site, Disney BabyI know, I’ve got a lot on my plate. Not to mention I am the ringleader to Mr. Darling, the hubs – 5 Littles under 9 + a beagle, named Stella.

I decided to begin this lifestyle blog to journal through my chaos. It’s a little bit of me, getting a little bit more personal. Just so you all can see I am human too – not just a fancy editor like so many think. This will be a place where I share a little behind-the-scenes of my life as well as cupcakeMAG. Some days, it’s a true reality show around here. So, why not share it with the world right?  A little bit of cupcake + co.

In a nutshell, here is a little bit about me: I don’t have a nanny. I love cupcakes. I am about as real as they get. I multi-task like crazy. I hardly ever have time for a manicure anymore let alone a glass of wine. I’m from the east coast but a Cali girl at heart. I am pretty much surrounded by chaos on a daily basis. I like to say I am organized. I will say I am a perfectionist with a little {okay, a lot} control freak on the side. I like to smile. It’s my favorite. Some will say I have a slight addiction to Diet Coke and my iPhone.

I hope you sign up for email updates now + follow me along! I promise, it’s anything but a boring ride. 

xoxo. hugs + lots of love.

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