Facing Reality, Finding Faith and Being Thankful For The Little Things

// today I am over on Babble with a post that comes straight from the heart. read my thoughts on the news today, facing reality + being thankful for the little things. like grayson’s first real smile  // 

faith quote Today was mind-blowing, heart wrenching, and just beyond words. My heart was broken today. My stomach in knots. Waiting for my littles to get home safe from school felt like an eternity.

20 children. 20 helpless children. 20 empty beds tonight. Hearts broken that will never be put back together. I can’t imagine what went on in that elementary school today. I can’t imagine the fear as 5 year olds ran for their lives. And than I thought of my very own. I can’t imagine the hurt those parents are feeling knowing that in one second their lives changed forever. I can’t imagine. 

{head over to read the rest on Babble}

and see Grayson’s first smile too….

hey, at least it’s something warm + fuzzy for the heart on this sad day.


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