Goodbye Being Pregnant, Hello Disney Baby!

It’s a bittersweet moment right now. After 230 posts and 8 months, I am sad to say I just wrote my last post for Babble’s Being Pregnant. And yes, my husband just asked if I was crying as I typed this. Happy to NOT be pregnant though. I can tell ya that much!

It went like this:

It feels like yesterday I was writing the first oneAnd it was life changing. Okay – maybe it won’t be my last last one since I do still work for Babble and might pop in here and  there for different things. So, I guess I should say my last regular post. I am not a big fan of change. I am not going to lie. But, I am super-excited to continue my journey over on Disney Baby. Yes, the lovely, inspiring, heartfelt and fun site that is full of helpful parenting tools, inspired ideas, mom-tested tips and well, of course I will countinue writing personal post as well.


While I am exicted for what lies ahead, I can’t stop thinking of the amazing friendships I’ve made along the way, my new Babble family {aka: all of the Babble team!} that I love and hold close to my heart, and all of my wonderful babblers who road along with me on my high-risk pregnancy journey and read my never-ending posts on Being Pregnant. It’s been one of the best experiences of my lifetime. The support is something that helped get me through those very rough months and it has been such a joy writing each and every single post. I really am going to miss it.


As of tomorrow you can follow me over on Disney Baby here to keep up with Grayson as well as all of my posts. As they say – when one door closes, the other one opens. I am thrilled to see what the new experience will bring! I hope you follow along. Pretty please? Don’t make me beg! 

Okay, wiping tears now.

Image: McKenzie Smith


Over on Babble

A few of my latest post over there……….

I know, it’s alot. 

Grayon. And his latest accessory…..

Yep, that is sweet baby Gray and his latest accessory. A heart monitor. Within the last few weeks of his little life he has encountered a few issues I guess you could call them.

Grayson has severe acid reflux. Which honestly  I wasn’t surprised about as all of my girls have had it. However, his is pretty bad. I am talking about projectile vomit bad.  After a visit to the pediatrics offices, I put all things together. The stuffy nose, slight cough, 4 days of no pooping, spitting up and a little too fussy for it to be nothing. I knew right away, it’s reflux. So our ped sent us to a pulmonary specialist and within a few hours he was hooked up to a heart monitor.

Why the monitor? 1.) The reflux is causing him to stop breathing. Scary, I know. Basically it happens after a feeding or during a feeding. This is a common preemie issue as we know it. We went through the same thing with Sadie. We clearly need to monitor these episodes of bradycardia events as we call them. Short term definition: slow heart rate and stops breathing. 2.) Sleep apena. I noticed that these “episodes” weren’t just happening during events when he was refluxing but when he was sleeping as well. Not good. 

The plan of action is to keep him on a monitor for a minimum of six weeks to see where he stands once they look at the monitor in about a mouth. He will also do a sleep study to make sure they aren’t missing anything. He will see an amazing gastro specialist next week to get his acid reflux under control because as of now the Zantac isn’t working. It’s hard seeing such a little guy so uncomfortable and well, miserable.

Another issue we have encountered is weight gain. At birth he was 5lbs. 7oz. and right now he is just shy of 6lbs. Hopefully after we get the acid reflux under control – it will be smooth sailing.Such a strong little fighter. We all remember, he was just as strong when he was in the womb too!

Oh, The Lovely Kim Flores. And Grayson’s Newborn Shoot Too!

Watch out Anne Geddes!

Meet Kim Flores. She is the amazing photographer of Whimsy Baby Photo who is responsible for these breath taking photos of our baby boy, Grayson. Oh and my best friend. FOREVER. Kim has 4 girls + a boy too.

On Monday, Grayson turned one week old and we decided to celebrate by taking his newborn photos. I love taking newborn photos in the first few weeks because they are such a great memory for you to always have as you watch your child grow. And well, this is the first time we’ve done them professionally. If you are going to spend the money on professional photos of your Little I would definitely recommend doing so in the first few weeks because they make for great birth announcements too! And well, they are just so much fun. Over my pregnancy I purchased a few things that I wanted to include on this special day but with the help of my photographers beautiful props, these pictures turned out better than I could have ever expected. I just love them! And I hope you do too and they inspire your upcoming newborn photo session.

Here are a few of my favorites from a day we will cherish forever. I may be partial but I think quite a few our worth pinning to Pinterest! Kim did an amazing job! love her. so much!


Meet Grayson Henry Charles!

Baby no. 5 has arrived! 

Sorry for the delay yesterday in announcing that Grayson Henry Charles has arrived! For those of you who have been following my very rough pregnancy, I am sure you are just as happy as I am to know we spent NO TIME in the NICU. Double YAY! So, it all began last Friday. I honestly thought that was it. You can read all about my progressing labor here and how I ended up back at the hospital after being discharged a few hours before I was in active labor. So much fun right? I love getting discharged when I am in labor.

Anyway, after this post and six hours of very quick and calm labor, Grayson arrived on October 1st at 11:54pm weighing 5lbs. 7.4oz and 18 inches longHe is a little piece of heaven.

Thankfully my doctor at the office sent me back. She texted the doctor that was delivering me, after our little spat with him earlier in the day, and said “take one for the team, be nice, I heard you were mean earlier.” And that is just why I love her. She is always looking out for me. Once I was admitted back into the hospital around 5pm labor quick begin. With contractions 1-2 minutes apart, my cervix check I was 4cm. Which I seemed to be stuck out for a little while even with super-strong super-close contractions. And than, exhaustion hit. I decided to get an epidural considering my weekend and just wanted to be comfortable. Forgetting proving to the world I can do it without drugs. I’ve done it and well, pushing a baby out of that is enough credit. Once the epidural set in I was happy. For a few minutes at least.

All of a sudden my entire body started shaking. Worst feeling ever. I was freezing cold and felt like my heart was racing and major anxiety was setting in knowing that the Grayson’s heart rate was dropping to a very low, 38.  They figured it was the cord. So, I got some oxygen going, started taking lots of deep breathes and trying to just relax. Easier said than done. Thankfully, after only about an hour of feeling awful it stopped and I was 6cm. I instantly felt better knowing I was almost to the end. Once I got to 6cm, it was a breeze. Seriously couldn’t believe how fast it went by. Within 30 minutes I was ready to push. After chatting with my doctor the last hour and half, he finally was in a better mood after the earlier spat in the day, watching some football and The Voice, it was time to get this baby out! I started to get a little nervous. Considering I was only 36 weeks, to the day, I went into freak out mode. What if he isn’t okay like everyone says he will be? What if the sono is way off and he is under 5lbs? Thankfully the only thing I didn’t have to worry about was that he wasn’t breech anymore. Sometime between my discharge and going back to the hospital, he flipped and was head down. I guess he really was ready to come out and play.

After 10 minutes and 2 pushes, our little man was finally here. NICU immediately took a peek at him to make sure everything was fine and within two minutes time, we got the okay that he was doing great! The only small problem we had was his blood sugar was low but he had 24 hours to pull it together before taking a field trip to the NICU. Thankfully, we dodged a bullet there. It was hard to believe that our little one had arrived in perfection condition and I just have to say, all those prayers truly made it possible! My entire pregnancy was beyond a whirlwind. The longest roller coaster ride I have ever been on and I am thrilled to say it’s over. However, a new obstacle begins. Life with FIVE littles. Oh lordy. 

Oh my, he is a keeper. 

Momma’s Havin’ A Baby Child!

Oh. emmmm. geeeee. It’s finally time. GO time!

First, how adorable is my hospital gown from Annie and Isabel? Of course you know I was going to wear a standard hospital gown. Gotta labor in style! It totally makes labor so much more fun. 

Okay…back to your regular scheduled programming……..

Friday night my very exciting {and super stressful} weekend began and after I few hours I asked myself, where are the reality tv cameras when you need them? Seriously. It was rough.

It began when I was almost positive my water broke. I started to have steady contractions every 2-3 minutes.  I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom constantly. Which is kinda typical when you have a 6 pound baby sitting on your bladder. And on my way there I felt a trickle. Immediate thought? Crap. I guess I peed myself. But than I felt more of a trickle and stepped over the bathtub to see if more came out and sure enough it did. Clear, and no smell of urine. I even called the hubs in to double check. So of course, my doctor said immediately head to the hospital.
Well, when we arrived, my doctor well one of them, it’s a practice of five, was gone for the weekend. What? Are you kidding me? Well of course I was not happy to hear I’d be getting a fill in doctor. Especially with my history.

After getting situated into triage and after 4 paper test as they call them, they were positive my water had broken. Ten minutes later after a microscope test and exam, we had a false positive. Baby’s head was down and bag of waters was bulging and they thought it was leaking. I was still 35 weeks and 4 days so they admitted for observation + started IV fluids to try and control contractions some while my “fill in” doctor tried to figure out what to do. His decision? I was too much to handle with my history so I was to be bed written until someone from my office arrived on monday at 8am. Yes, Monday. Awesome. 

So fast forward to the exciting part vs. all the borning stuff I could complain about after my emotionally breakdown this weekend and being beyond frustrated.

This am one of the doctors from my practice arrives and decides that I didn’t need to be there, discharged me and sent me home. After an entire weekend spent in the hospital, I saw the doctor for maybe 45 seconds. Immediately, I broke into tears. I was emotionally exhausted, in pain, having a lot of pressure and the nurse was certain I was heading to labor and delivery soon especially with my cervix being dilated. So, with that said, I was on my way out of the hospital by 11am just to head to my 36 week regular check-up and sono. When I arrived around 1pm I was still contracting every 2-3 minutes and was between 3-4cm and as my doctor said “in active labor”. So, she immediately got paper work together to admit me directly to labor and delivery. I knew that my labor had been progressing so I was disappointed I even got sent home. But, at least I knew there was no turning back now. This was it. It’s go time. 

And, here I am. Water was broken at 6pm and as I am typing this my pitocin {since I seem to be stuck at 4cm} is begining and I am finishing up IV antibiotic {since baby is pre-term} and my epidurial is in full swing. Woo hoo. And now, we just wait for baby to arrive! Now I am sending one last minute prayer up in hopes we don’t see the NICU. Stay tuned for a baby update!

Well, Hello Pretty!

hi, it’s me. cupcake. you all may know me as the editor | founder | stylist for cupcakeMAG, contributor to The Party Dress, Spearmint Baby, Spearmint Decor and writer for the amazing Babble. And now — I am writing on their newest site, Disney BabyI know, I’ve got a lot on my plate. Not to mention I am the ringleader to Mr. Darling, the hubs – 5 Littles under 9 + a beagle, named Stella.

I decided to begin this lifestyle blog to journal through my chaos. It’s a little bit of me, getting a little bit more personal. Just so you all can see I am human too – not just a fancy editor like so many think. This will be a place where I share a little behind-the-scenes of my life as well as cupcakeMAG. Some days, it’s a true reality show around here. So, why not share it with the world right?  A little bit of cupcake + co.

In a nutshell, here is a little bit about me: I don’t have a nanny. I love cupcakes. I am about as real as they get. I multi-task like crazy. I hardly ever have time for a manicure anymore let alone a glass of wine. I’m from the east coast but a Cali girl at heart. I am pretty much surrounded by chaos on a daily basis. I like to say I am organized. I will say I am a perfectionist with a little {okay, a lot} control freak on the side. I like to smile. It’s my favorite. Some will say I have a slight addiction to Diet Coke and my iPhone.

I hope you sign up for email updates now + follow me along! I promise, it’s anything but a boring ride. 

xoxo. hugs + lots of love.

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